Foods to Avoid

Due to the damage that certain foods can cause, we have created a list of foods that you will need to avoid. Broken bands and brackets delay your orthodontic treatment. A general formula to follow is that each broken appliance adds a month to treatment.

So if you want your braces off on schedule, be nice to them!

Stay away from:
Popcorn, ice, jerky, gum, pens and pencils, fingernail biting, nuts(i.e. corn nuts, peanuts), snicker bars, hard candy or suckers, hard chips and rolls, caramel and sticky candy (i.e. jolly ranchers, gummy bears, tootsie rolls and taffy).

This list is not conclusive!

Fresh fruits and vegetables are an excellent nutritional source. However, some of these foods will need to be eaten differently. Fresh apples and carrots are good examples. The best way to tackle these foods is to cut them up into small pieces and chew carefully on your back teeth.

If there is a food you are unsure of, ask us!