First Visit



1. Records:

Photographs: Allow Dr. Trammell to analyze clinical features of the teeth and face. Photographs are invaluable for purposes of treatment planning in being acutely aware of dental/facial esthetics. Dr. Trammell’s treatment plans are designed to maximize both.

Radiographs: Allow Dr. Trammell to view the entire jaw structures and the facial bones in addition to the teeth. He’ll be able to measure and plan with the most accuracy using these records.

2. Diagnosis:

Dr. Trammell will analyze your records and preform a clinical examination. He discusses with you his judgments about the orthodontic problems and possible solutions. Designing a plan to solve the problem is a complex and precise process. The diagnostic material will be thoroughly evaluated. We will identify clearly the treatment goals and plan the treatment.

3. What if I need Treatment?

We will explain in detail any treatment recommendations, arrange a flexible payment plan with you, and get you started! The treatment fee will be determined during the examination and we’ll work with you to arrange a payment plan to fit your budget.

4. What if I don’t need Treatment?

If treatment seems indicated but the best time for the treatment is sometime in the future, we may recommend a period of observation. During observation, orthodontic records may be needed from time to time to monitor dental development. Dr. Trammell does not charge for the observation visits in effort to make treatment planning and timing even more affordable for his patients.